SHE - Short Term Hormone Effect Scale
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The German_original_SHE_scale was translated and culturally adapted into English. Simultaneously, adaptations to Italian_language were done in all steps of the development (link zu SHE Scale_ITA).

Further translations are welcome; assistance can be offered (please contact Dr. Lothar Heinemann, ZEG for details: see_Contact). In general, international recommendations for linguistic and cultural adaptation of scales should be kept in mind. Usually six steps of the translation process were recommended: Forward translations (at least two independent translators), a consensus meeting with the coordinator of the translation, a check by a bilingual expert in the application field of the scale to evaluate the scientific correctness of the wording, a backward translation, a consensus meeting among the translators with the coordinator, and finally a pretest with a few persons the test is designed for (also called cognitive debriefing).

If a professional institute is commissioned with the translation in a new language, information should be sent to the developer of this scale (see_Contact). In return, all information on the scale that became known in between, including new translations not available at this official website of the QSF scale will be made available.

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