SHE - Short Term Hormone Effect Scale
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Evaluation of the scale

The scoring is straightforward: the score increases point by point with increasing severity/intensity of subjectively perceived complaints in each of the 15 specific items. If items were not present at all “No” (score =1) was coded, if “Yes” was marked, one of four intensity grades have to be chosen (scores 1…5). If a question does not apply to the personal situation, the code “0” (not applicable) can be used.

The score marked in the questionnaire is identical with the scoring points that are added up to the total (or 5 domain) scores.
The evaluation_scheme (link to “Evaluation scheme” as pop-up picture) is attached. The composite scores for each of the domains (sub-scales) is based on adding up the scores of the items of the respective domains. The composite score (total score) is the sum of the domain scores. This evaluation of the SHE can be done by hand or computerized 

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