SHE - Short Term Hormone Effect Scale
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About the development of SHE scale

The scale was developed by the “ZEG - Center for Epidemiology and Health Research Berlin”.
The ZEG was founded as independent research institute in 1990 (, outsourced from the Academy of Sciences Berlin. The research of the institute is focused on analysis and consulting for all epidemiological issues, specifically drug safety-related topics, on designing and executing of epidemiological or pharmaco-epidemiological studies for (potentially) problematic issues – from the perspective of regulators or industry- including advice and assistance in drug crisis management, and also experienced in development of international disease and/or exposure-specific registries.

The scope of the institute also covers development and validation of research methods such as “patient-reported outcome instruments” (Contact: Prof. Dr. Lothar A.J. Heinemann see_Contact). In collaboration with the Institute for Sexual Science and Sexual Medicine of the Humboldt and Free University Berlin and TNS Healtcare Munich, the “Scale for Quality of Sexual Function (QSF)” was developed.
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